We help young people from all over the world learn and grow through working on their own projects - with the support of this private, online community.

What the world needs most

Creators, builders, thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators — people willing to make their own path in the sand, instead of following the well worn paths of others.

Who it most neglects

Traditional education prepares people for declining, conventional single-industry careers. It neglects the creative young people who have the potential to think without the box.


is specific to each area you need education in


is catered towards theory and traditional career paths


Develop ventures within the startup ecosystem

The alternatives for people starting out, who don't necessarily identify as future leaders or 'entrepreneurs' just yet, do not exist.

'What do I want to do with my life?'

Is the wrong question, considering almost everyone ends up changing their 'plan' after high school, and where technology will create jobs in ten years that don't exist today.

Instead ask WHO

If you're going to do different projects, or work in different industries, then maybe your best bet is to be part of a network and community going through it all together.

We've done your networking for you

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Learning is the best investment.

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