Your job if you're in this community is very simple. Do your utmost to understand. Remember that your mission is not to change others or the world, but just to understand them, to find your own joy, and to open Doors for others.

A global community of imaginative, curious and compassionate people supporting one another.

Dear fellow Students,I grew up thinking I had everything - money, intelligence, brilliance, love, support, friends, God... and the best education money could buy. It was very confusing, then, trying to understand why I didn't feel I was enough. So my dream was to 'change the world,' and 'improve the education system' ... that's why we began this community.As so many of us do, I was trying to fill the void inside with things in the world.Then, one day, I asked one of the youngest members of this community a question. I asked her, 'Why are you here? What can we help you become or achieve?'And this 18-year-old from half a world away, with her cheerful voice and cheeky smile said; 'I just like having THIS around me, that's all!'It took me many months to realise the depth of this wisdom. We find, in young people, so often the wisdom that evades those with 'life's experience,' those who presume they know.This girl was just one of many bright sparks I found in my life, thanks to the Constant Student. She, and many others, helped me realise myself, helped me realise that there was nothing to do, nothing to teach, nothing to achieve, nothing to change. I know how radical that sounds... I know that sounds anti-motivational, anti-progress, anti-society... but it's not how we see it.The point of this was not to change people; it was to accept them, as they are now, and had always been. If we could accept them, then maybe they could accept themselves.The point of this was not to elevate people beyond what they were here and now. It was to love them, especially those who could not love themselves.These teenagers helped a 'wise' young fool understand the truth, and they didn't know it, they didn't even try. They were just being themselves.So I've come to think the joy of this thing is simply in the people.People who are not desperate for answers, people who are not desperate to 'achieve things'. People who can 'just be.'In here you will not find answers, and that is because we think you already have them.No, in here you will find the people who give you the space to be, away from the confusing noise of the world, with the hope that you will see yourself more clearly.Here we seek nothing. But we are open to everything.There is nothing we can give you, and because of that, we can give you everything.No matter who you are or where you come from, to you our arms are open and welcoming, as if ready to embrace an old friend who has, at last, found their way home.
- The Doorman.

The Application process is simple and not at all exclusive - just tell us a bit about yourself. There is nothing to be anxious or worried about.

A Constant Student's Experience.

In the desert that is the online self-help sphere, the Constant Student community is a true oasis which quenches one’s thirst through a precious kind of “learning” which our world is in dire need of.This kind of learning is in fact the “unlearning” of all the structures handed to us by the arbitrary remainders of biological evolution and the misleading traps created by our societal games.This process of unlearning sounds strange and yet it is so simple once one wakes up. In this increasingly mechanized and socially complexifying world, one of the dangers we face as a civilization and individuals is to lose our humanity. This threat is unfortunately more than a possibility considering the fundamental flaws underlying our education system.It is not hard to see that we don’t cultivate free thinking, emotionally intelligent, creative, aware and socially connected humans to go out there and carry out the human project of transcending our limits and spreading love and care in the world… no, our institutions instead cultivate fear, status hunger, shame, obedience to authority, unhealthy competition and in a way distract us from who we really are.But more importantly, most of us have internalized a sense of craving, wanting more, better…etc. without recognizing the immense gift which we have been given by simply being alive.The “Constant” in Constant Student highlights the value of enjoying the journey rather than anxiously worrying about the destination.After all, if being a student is only a means to an end (such as getting a certain job in a certain field), then one need not be a “Constant” Student. This is unfortunately the model of scholarship that underlies our academic and professional world. In this aspect, Constant Student is an antidote to the disease of result-obsession that has unfortunately plagued our world.Another way of summarizing all of this is that Constant Student helps its members feel the Ground under their feet which they have always been standing on but might have forgotten about as they became hypnotized about reaching the stars of “success”.One of the themes in Constant Student is the tension between our ego and the greater forces that transcend our personal identity and strike us in the gut rather than the brain. As much as the traditional education system strips us out of our humanity, turns us into another number on the dean’s list, another applicant for this or that program, the Constant Student community is imbued with a sense of transcendent human preciousness.Constant Student is fundamentally a humanistic project in the sense that all it wants to do is to show us that we are not machines with specific needs that should be maintained, and we do not have to perform specific functions for the attainment of specific goals in the future which have been handed to us by society or designed by Nature in a top-down manner.No, fundamentally, we are aware beings, and our “salvation” lies not in the attainment of a heaven in the afterlife or “better” life conditions on earth (such as a bigger house, better job, partner…etc.). No, our salvation has already been gifted to us in awareness itself. Heaven therefore is not somewhere out there… it is a place on Earth! In fact, it is very near…right here actually!This means that besides being random people from all over the world sharing their life experiences, the Constant Students are, in a way, modern apostles spreading the good news over the internet…their good news is however not the violent and dogmatic forcing of a particular metaphysical narrative (whether it is explicit dogmas such as organized religions or implicit such as blindly playing the Capitalism game).No, their good news is soft like a feather, pure like light, clear like water and as obvious as the sun in the sky. Once you simply wake up and look around, you can’t miss it! No need for abstraction, just listening to your heart, opening the window of your gut and letting things take their course would be more than enough. As Gilly and Joe would put it, “if it’s not simple then it’s suspicious!”.Pouya, from Canada.

Who is the Constant Student?

We are an ecosystem of creators.
We are people who seek to grow.
This desire for change, however, is not driven by the feeling of not being enough.
We are not here because there's a certain place we need to get to.
We are not here to accomplish a certain task.
We are not here to prove to anyone our worth.
The desire for change is driven by something else entirely, it is driven by curiosity. By the promise of possibility.
The Constant Student Community is the backpack we carry in our journey.
It's the place we go to look for ideas when we feel uncertain.
It's the place we look for support when we hit a dip.
It's the place we find the people who will appreciate our work, who will cheer us on and give us a hand.
It's the place we go to be heard and it's the place we go to listen.
It's a nest for ideas, a place where they feel comfortable to be born, to grow and to become strong enough to go out into the real world, to make real change.
Luisa, from Brazil.