The Constant Student Community

This is a powerful online learning community where you discover what you love doing — whether it's a traditional career, creative side project or full-blown startup.

Far more powerful than just online courses — With intimate live zoom calls, creative group projects, skills to monetise online, as well as the like-minded people who will challenge and support you along the way, we are the full education ecosystem for people who want to make a difference in the world.

Making decisions about your future is difficult...

Time and money spent doing the wrong things leads to...

Large debt and
mounting stress

Missing other great

Time spent not doing or finding things you're really interested in

Taking longer to earn
money and start
your career

In a digital, technologically rich world, information is free and available everywhere.

The biggest challenge is meeting and learning alongside other like-minded people - finding your tribe.

So we built the Constant Student Community

Here you'll meet people exploring their options, their interests, eager to challenge and support you along your journey. These people are...

Running Podcasts

Distributing important messages.

Publishing Books

Making a contribution to the evolution of wisdom.

Creating Tech Startups

Creating the Future as we know it.

Interested in their own
personal development

Distributing important messages.

Always looking to challenge

Making a contribution to the evolution of wisdom.

Care about making the
world better

Creating the Future as we know it.

Or just trying to figure themselves out

Good with University, Good without University

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You'll like this community if...

In one year, you will ...

Our plan is in one year you will have
A like-minded tribe of 4-5 people (IRL hopefully!) who challenge and support you.
A wide community of thousands of people all around the world — the Constant Students.
At least one monetizable
New soft skills, from creative thinking, time management, networking, teamwork,
The ability to create or find your own fall-back job.
More clarity on what you
love doing.

How It Works

Step 1


When you join you'll go through our onboarding and baseline journey, which is an opportunity for us to learn more about you.

A great learning experience is only what you bring to it - we help you explore what you want to learn.

Step 2


You'll join the community and see a dashboard with many different career and discipline areas.

You can select what you opt into and join in conversation with people learning about those things. You will be able to explore a lot of options but move on quickly from those that don't suit you.

Step 3

Learn More by Doing

We arrange your into projects either ad-hoc or in our monthly projects, where you get to work alongside other community members.

These real-life projects go beyond the theory.

Step 4

Figure Out What You Want To Do Next

In this process you'll get excited by the new skills, ideas and ways of doing things you discover.

As a result, you'll get a clearer idea of what you want to do next.



Turn your new skills into monetisable and impactful work.

By now you've learnt the Constant Student Mindset, and from this point forward, you'll approach everything as a learning experience.

Learning is the best investment.

Joe Wehbe


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