About Us

My name is Joe Wehbe, the Co-Founder of the Constant Student Community and one of the authors behind the book 18 & Lost? So Were We.

When I left high school, I struggled to meet new people and find ways of working on things that interested me.

Then, one day, a friend of mine invited me to be involved in what would become my first project: a nonprofit building schools in Nepal called From the Ground Up.

This project changed the way I looked at the world and what was possible, and the way I looked at myself.

Scott, my friend from high school was studying engineering at the time. He saw what I was doing and got involved too. .

We eventually went down different paths. Having learnt so much, we began our own startups.

But we remained interested in education, learning through projects, and one another's journeys (as well as the journeys of our other friends).

In 2020, we started thinking about education again. We realised that the most important parts of a learning journey - or any journey for that matter - were...

The right people, the right interests, and the right projects. So, we decided to test this with a book project called 18 & Lost? So Were We.

We brought together eight everyday people, who'd never written a book before, and became authors. The entire project was set up as a learning experience.

We believe learning is the best currency - and the best way to learn is not through power point. It's with the right people, and the right projects.

So, we set up the Constant Student Community for people like you. It's hard to find even one good friend like my friend Scott, who challenges and supports you along the journey, ensuring you learn and grow to your potential.

So what would you do with a whole community of people like this?

Remember... the rising tide lifts all boats. Welcome to the Constant Student Community.

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